Snow Camping

29 Jan

Growing up in NY, I didn’t camp very much. As in ever – I never, ever went camping. However, since I moved to Seattle, I’ve went camping a bunch of times and, despite the fact that I’m pretty much useless when it comes to surviving outside the city, my friends continue to invite me.

This weekend two of my¬†wilderness loving friends invited another city dweller and I to go snow camping. If you’ve never been, snow camping is a lot like regular camping except much colder.

Not only was snow camping a new experience, but I also added a lot of new camping facts to my knowledge base, such as:

1. Walking in snowshoes up an untouched trail into the forest with a 40 lb backpack is exhausting.

2. Stay away from tree wells. Thankfully, my friends explained just how dangerous a tree well covered in snow could be.

3. My boots are not waterproof. Learned that one within 20 minutes.

4. You can never bring enough socks. Big thanks to S who told me to bring an extra extra pair.

5. An ice ax is a versatile piece of equipment. For instance, it can be used as stake for tying up your tent or you can stab it into the ground when you think you will tumble down the trail – see fact #1.

6. A good sleeping bag is worth every penny. I used to use a sleeping bag from Target. The Target sleeping bag was so thin that you’d also need a blanket for cover yourself even in the summer. My new sleeping bag kept me toasty warm all night.

7. Don’t position your tent under a tree. When it rains, the snow on the tree branches comes loose. Gravity takes over and aforementioned snow lands on you while you slumber away in your warm sleeping bag, causing you to freak the heck out in the middle of the night.

I don’t think I’ll become the next great wilderness explorer, but I have to admit that even I enjoyed snow camping. I am also very grateful to my two camping expert friends for making sure that I had a good time and stayed alive while doing so.

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